Buy or Hire a Terberg KingLifter through National Telehandlers.

You can now purchase or hire a Terberg KingLifter through National Telehandlers. Having just introduced the Terberg KingLifter truck mounted forklift to our portfolio, moving building materials from the trailer just became much easier!

Load a variety of building materials with a Terberg Kinglifter

Managing all of the different elements  of a construction project is crucial to success. From onsite safety to purchasing and transporting building materials, but what about loading and unloading in remote areas? With the right preparation, your project will go according to plan. Finding the right tools for the job is essential. We can help you with that.

Moving bulk construction materials 

Framing lumber, building insulation, bricks and bags of cement are considered bulk materials. Bulk loads can be challenging. This is because transporting items of  different sizes and shapes can be tricky. This is where National Telehandlers can be of assistance. Specially designed trailers with The Terberg KingLifter truck mounted forklift are ideal for transporting these loads. We have various models for you to choose from.

Terberg Kinglifter ; the perfect tool for moving building materials

Terberg KingLifters are agile and robust. This enables efficient and safe operation when loading & unloading. Designed as an all-rounder with a range of variants, Terberg KingLifters are suitable for different applications. Terberg KingLifters are the perfect choice and come in a variety of models. The 4-way steer model is the perfect choice for handling long cargo such as packs of timber and pipes. Providing manoeuvrability with long loads, the TKL- 4Way Steer model has wider wheel spacing. This increases stability while driving, laden or unladen. It also provides greater operational flexibility because the side shift is increased.

Main Features of the Terberg KingLift TKL- 4Way Steer

  • Powerful Yanmar engine: 3 cylinder direct injection 25 hp Stage V engine (M/MC)
  • 1-wheel or all-wheel drive for excellent handling on steeper slopes, slippery surfaces and unpaved unloading sites
  • Optional 4-way steering for improved manoeuvrability (parallel operation for tight sites and narrow doorways),
  • Optimised power transfer and good off-road handling
  • Lifting capacity 2,000 or 2,500 kg
  • Lifting height 2.2M – 4.05M

If you would like further information on the Terberg Kinglifter truck mounted forklift, please contact us on 0333 0064377 or email sales@nationaltelehandlers.co.uk.


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